Changing Seasons

Australian Galleries, 2005

Orchid #02, 2005

Rose Drawing #08, 2005

Rose Drawing #10, 2005

Nature’s most alluring flowers – the lily, the orchid and the rose – have inspired David Band’s new ‘drawings’… The dynamic ‘drawings’ are vintage Band – bold and spare in design and even richer in surface… As a whole the black and white line ‘essences of flower’ are as vibrant and lively as new spring growth, and the exhibition title, Changing Seasons, is as appropriate to the subject as it is in highlighting recent changes in the artist’s style.

– Katherine McDonald

Orchid #05, 2005

Rose Drawing #04, 2005

Lily, 2005

Orchid Drawing #01, 2005

Rose #04, 2005

Rose #05, 2005