Same Difference

Australian Galleries, 2009

Love of Mine, 2009

These paintings depict stacks of colours, sitting in corners or floating on high, but the shapes remain unstable – moving back and forth, shifting and sliding. Colours converse with space, depth and rhythm to create shimmering surfaces. Like much of his most evocative work, Band’s … paintings communicate without recourse to symbolic or associative meanings. In a world devoid of representational cues, Band uses the elements of art to communicate directly to the senses and evoke memories of exquisite timeless and wordless experiences.

– Ross Waterman

So Sweet, 2009

Self Portrait (light blue), 2009

Blue Bottle (study), 2009

Cool in this Life, 2009

Abstract III (study), 2009

Abstract II (study), 2009

Side by Side (green), 2009

Pink & Watermelon Bottles (study), 2009

Self Portrait Red (study), 2009