Life in a Scotch Sitting Room

Australian Galleries, 1998

Aspar no.47, 1998

Aspar no.14, 1998

Aspar no.15, 1998

Gone are the tightly edged signs and shapes of before. We are confronted instead with diffused blankets of colour and bleeding spots of blue, grey and pale pastels, hanging in deeply textured space like fleeting shadows or flashes of lights. The random patterns play out the literal meaning of the word – Aspar is old Scottish for ‘spread’. Band relinquishes control and allows his inks to speak for him. Inflating scale, he squeezes more from his vision, enjoying the process of experimentation. The plywood printing surface achieves an unusually grainy texture underlying the graphic surface of each image – a fine linear veil that disrupts the smoothness of the dominant oblong shapes.

– Anna Clabburn

Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, 1998

She’s Black & White no.5, 1998

She’s Black & White no.7, 1998

Aspar no.24, 1998

Aspar no.52, 1998

Aspar no.49, 1998

Aspar no.38, 1998