In a Silent Way

McGrath Gallery, New York, 2002

Shhh, Peaceful, 2002

Shhh, Peaceful no.7, 2002

Over the Hillside, 2002

Shhh, Peaceful no.5, 2002

In New York, Band produced a show based on the Miles Davis album In a Silent Way, breaking the album into sections.

“There are two distinct sides to the album so I did one side of the gallery with white pieces and one side with dark brown pieces. The stanzas became the paintings. It would mean nothing to anyone who walked into the show but I became quite anal about it. When I hung the show the dealer would say, ‘why don’t we hang this one here?’ and I’d say, ‘you can’t, that’s where the trumpet comes in’.” – David Band

– Chris Beck

In a Silent Way no.1 (diptych), 2002

It’s About Time no.2, 2002

It’s About Time no.4, 2002

It’s About Time no.3, 2002